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Group Benefits

Required Benefits for Your Employees

A collective insurance is designed to put a health and dental protection in place, and this for a determined group in order to give the necessary benefits needed to fill the needs of your employees.It can be signed by any group with no minimum number of people to be covered, and it is easily adaptable to the needs of the group.

Many options are put in front of you: life insurance, life insurance for dependents, accidental death and mutilation insurance, severe illness insurance, short term or long term invalidity insurance, health insurance (includes vision care, travel insurance, medical accessories, diabetic accessories, prosthetics, prosthetics shoes, semi-private room, amulance fees), or different levels of dental insurance (regular care, soins parodontaux, major dental care, orthodontie). While offereing these benefits to people in the group, you take advantage of a program that allows you to access the best doctors in the world, enabeling you to get another opinion in case of illness.

The majority of employers offers this type of plan: it then becomes necessary to have an insurance plan to attract quality employees. The premium varies according to the number of covered people, the demographics of the group and the type of group. Rail Services Financiers will make it its duty to guide you in collective insurance matters by helping you to choose a plan that will answer your needs, and that will fit into your budget.

Michel is your specialist on the matter, don't hesitate to contact him to have more information.